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Female Genital Surgery

Woman might experience some trouble from the fact that their inner or small labia are proportionately big. In some cases woman experience it as defacing. But it can cause a physical discomfort, too, for instance when cycling or wearing tight clothing. It might also be discomfortable when having sexual intercourse.

In these cases it is possible to have a labia reduction. During the operation the plastic surgeon will remove excess skin tissue. The wound is sutured and sutures will dissolve spontaneously so there is no need for removal afterwards.

Labia reduction is performed under a general anaesthesia. When surgery is completed you will be taken to a recovery area.
Staff of the clinic will take care of you until the healing process is complete.

In the beginning, the wound might be painful, there might occur some swelling and wound fluid.

Sitting, using the toilet and having sexual intercourse will be painful during the first week.

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